A message for Charles Allard

Seriously Chuck. Enough.

Edmonton Journal – Envision group demands provincial probe into ad campaign by airport authority

I get that people are passionate about certain causes. And I understand that occasionally, these people feel compelled to stand up and make their voice heard. Hell, I more than understand; I respect these individuals even when their specific viewpoint doesn’t jive with mine. It’s one thing to quietly bitch to your spouse or co-workers but screaming so that everyone is compelled to listen you takes it to another level and your commitment is to be commended.

But really, there comes a point when you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Have I done all that I can? By carrying on with this, do I look committed to a cause? Or do I simply look like a whining crybaby that’s out of touch with reality?”

I would lump Envision Edmonton into that group right along with the Flat Earth Society and Jenny McCarthy. You had your say, we listened and now you just sound like crazy people.

From the Edmonton Journal Article

Allard also accused the authority of using public money in the campaign, something Milley said was completely false.

I feel like Seth and Amy on SNL. Really, Charles Allard? Really? You don’t like that public dollars are spent promoting the International Airport? How do you feel about wasting $150,000 taxpayer dollarswith a petition that was almost a year late? Really!?!Here’s a special message for Charles Allard and Envision Edmonton: Enough. I’m sick of seeing you on TV and reading about you in the paper. Whatever sympathy I had for your cause has long since evaporated. Now I just want you to go away.

You gave it your best shot and you lost. You started out as a group of hard working, well intentioned, grassroots volunteers. You now look like a bunch of whining, sniveling, spoiled, crybaby bullies. Splashing money around (allegedly) in an attempt to buy your way into City Hall so you can undo the work by our democratically elected officials? Or a thinly disguised offer to buy petition signatures? These things have not helped your cause. You no longer look like concerned Edmontonians; you now appear to be the shittiest James Bond villains ever.

I don’t care if you need a prescription for Zoloft, a psychiatrist, or just good old fashion shock treatment. You need to make peace with the fact that you didn’t accomplish what you set out to accomplish. While there’s no shame in not reaching your goal, you should be embarrassed by the childish tantrums that have followed your loss.