Alberta Energy Regulator confirms Baytex oil spill


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has confirmed that on that March 2nd, Calgary’s Baytex Energy (TSE:BTE) reported an incident at one of its facilities near Peace River, Alberta.

In a call made early Tuesday morning to the AER’s 24-hour emergency line, the AER confirmed that an incident had been reported and that Baytex was involved but was unable to provide further information.

Later Tuesday morning, after being contacted via social media, the AER confirmed that Baytex Energy had reported a release of 14,000L (14m3) on one of its leases. The AER also provided an incident reporting spreadsheet that provided additional details on the event.

When contacted via phone, Andrew Loosley, Director of Stakeholder Relations at Baytex Energy, said, “Yes, there was a spill. It was identified by our nightshift. We’re obligated, under the regulation, to report any spills that are over two cubes. This was approximately 14 cubes. It was spotted by our nightshift and we undertook to make the appropriate steps to stop the spill. The cause of the spill was equipment failure due to the extreme cold. All clean-up efforts are underway and the spill was restricted to our lease.”

Peace River is a community of approximately 6,700 residents, located 487 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, Alberta.