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Your meme is bad and you should feel bad

Can Canadians stop sharing this? Even if we ignore that one of the thoughtful conservatives in the provided example believes she can see Russia from her house, the image is inaccurate to the point of being absurd

38 reasons Albertans need to demand better from oil companies

I like old cars that get 8mpg. I WD-40 anything that squeaks. I love that I have a furnace in my house that keeps me toasty warm in the dead of winter. In short, I’m cool with

Stop talking & start doing.

The story about two US filmmakers wanting to come to Fort McMurray to shoot a documentary has been big news here in Alberta. I’m as Albertan as you get. I was born here and raised here and

True Hollywood Story – Paul Poulsen

We can all agree that this is pretty awesome. Found this jem as I was sorting through a bunch of storied DVDs and CDs. It was a birthday present or a Christmas present from my sister and

Only one thing better than a cookie…

We can all agree that the only thing better than a cookie is a cookie INSIDE OF ANOTHER COOKIE! Thanks to a recent post on the Chive, I needed to flex some culinary muscle tonight. Admittedly, my